wine control.exe and odbc

Shrike shrike at
Tue Jan 20 09:53:23 CST 2004


I succesfuly installed wine and 2 of the "gold" apps.. (mIRC and PuTTY)..
And one APP thats not in silver or gold list: WinCommander (file and FTP
So far no problems (and my hats of to the WINE guys).

The install is default rpm.
on RedHat9 using Gnome desktop

I started  #wine control.exe
The control panel came up with ODBC control in it.
The ODBC manager starts but when trying to add or configure there comes an
error message.

" Unable to load ole32.dll , vbajet32.dll, or oleaut.dll "

I checked the wine windows\sytem and system32 folder. The files are there.
What could be wrong here ??
Anyone knows solution ??

Best regards,
shrike at

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