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Wed Jan 21 04:53:35 CST 2004

On Wed, 21 Jan 2004 11:00:25 +0100, you wrote:

> More common than one might think, even on the simplest Windows apps: Help!!, 
> spell-checkers, notepad popups--please register, browzer to check for 
> updates, etc, etc.

Native help is not a simple to launch process, actually wine does not
support the underlying communication with the calling process yet.

With a separate spell checker it may be same issue: communication with
main program.

Notepad does not have popup's of its own, it does popup itself from
another application alright.

Browser check for updates, did you expect that to work?

> These generally lead to a Windows-exception. Offer to debug: Don't. Clicking 
> no MAY close the popup without incident and the wine session MAY continue or 
> conclude normally. Say yes and be prepare for a hunt and kill of several 
> winelauncher processes.

winelauncher?  Hmm, what wine are you actually using?

> How might I fix my configuration to allow these spawns to happen (or if this 
> be impossible, block them silently)?? (i.e. which dll to make builtin or 
> native?)

There is definitely a good advice here: avoid as much as possible native
dll's. Configure that as an AppDefaults in your config. If builtin dll's
do not work and you have a choice between working native dll's from
win9x or win2K/XP, choose the win2K/XP. Some win9x dll's work in a
single process application but not with several processes.

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