run IE under Wine

Robert Shearman R.J.Shearman at
Thu Jan 22 10:52:49 CST 2004

> I try the 3 method and none of them has worked, I just can install ie6
> but I got some errors in wineboot like :
> cache.something

That would probably have been my message (if it was related to needing to create a cache file). It is no big problem, it just means that the History and Cookies won't work properly in IE.

> and *.ocx files not found,
> I have been able to run ie6 but can't get any page in browser and surfing.

I believe several functions in our implementation of WinInet are lacking. I believe they are one of InternetCrackUrlA/W and InternetCreateUrlA/W and also InternetReadFileExA/W.
In short, you will have to use the native WinInet for the moment. To do this, copy wininet.dll from a Windows machine and put it into your C:\Windows\System directory on your fake Wine drive.
Then run iexplore with:
WINEDLLOVERRIDES="wininet=n" iexplore
Or put the appropriate override in your config file (see elsewhere for details).

> I use fedora core 1 with last updated kernel, alsa-1.0.1 and I install
> wine-20031212-1fc1winehq.src.rpm.

That should be fine as that is similar to what is on my system and IE works fine with the proviso above.


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