kernel-2.6.1 with wine error

jun hong hj_182002 at
Sat Jan 24 02:51:04 CST 2004

 --- Pavel Troller <patrol at> wrote: > > hello:
> >   After i install the kernel-2.6.1,i found that
> wine
> > can't run any more ,no matter how i build it
> > myself(under  kernel-2.6.1 or 2.4.22).
> > here is the error messages:
> > err:module:map_image Could not map section .text,
> file
> > probably truncated
> > wine: could not load L"C:\\Program
> > Files\\Macromedia\\Flash MX\\Flash.exe" as Win32
> > binary
> > any suggests?
> > 
> Hi!
>   Very unusual! Using wine with 2.6.1 with no
> problems at all!
>   Which filesystem type contains the M$ binaries
> (C:\)?
>                                      With regards,
> Pavel Troller 

thank you for your reply.
i'm chinese, now is our chinese new year. this is why
i write this message so later.
i check google ,and i find someone had the same
question . i use slackware9.1 and i install wine
20031212 successfully,it could work well under the
offical kernel 2.4.22.
but after i built the kernel-2.6.1,it gets
error.someonesaid in fedora, the solution is
exec-shield,but slackware hasn't it, and someone even
found the exec-shield couldn't solve the problem too.
so i think if it is the problem of .config.i heard
that someone use kernel-2.6.0 of debian who could run
wine well ,so i got the .config to compile my
kernel-2.6.1.but it still not wok.
how i can do?

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