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Sat Jan 24 09:14:14 CST 2004

Hi Shachar

> Hi Mark,
> I'm not sure I understood your question correctly.

Fair enough! I'm not sure if this driver is considered a 'hardware driver'.
Let me know.

There is a piece of audio equipment I've just ordered for my Windows XP
studio environment shown here:

Probably the important thing for you to know (I think!) About this piece of
hardware is that it is a 1394 device. In a Windows environment you just
attach it to any 1394 interface and use it. So as far as I know the Windows
interface is their standard 1394 set of low level drivers. The 002 sits
above that.

This piece of hardware comes with two pieces of software (that I know of)

1) The Pro Tool LE application. (PTLE) I assume today that whether this runs
under Wine would be a standard Wine deal. Install it if the installer works.
Deal with configuration. Maybe move dlls and the like over from the Windows
side. All of that I understand. (Conceptually. I don't do it so well!)

2) An '002 driver' that allows the PTLE app to talk to the hardware through
the standard Windows 1394 driver stack.

So, the hardware *inside* the box is standard 1394 hardware. If Wine has
begun to talk to Linux-1394 then that's the first step, but beyond that
there is what I would call the 'DigiDesign 002 Protocol Driver' that's
required to actually make it work.

What are your thoughts? If you need more info let me know.

> If your application merely comes with a hardware device, and this device
> has a 100% standard driver (and the application is actually using the
> device through the standard interfaces), and this device also has a
> Linux driver, then there is no reason for Wine not to correctly run this
> application. Basically, you need to configure your Linux box to support
> the device through the Linux driver, and then install the app and let it
> understand that the driver is already installed.
> If, on the other hand, the application requires this particular audio
> device, and this particular driver, there is a good chance that it
> communicates with the driver in interfaces that are beyond the standard
> interfaces. I'm afriad that, in that case, the chances of this app ever
> working on Wine are not high.
> Wine does not, and is not planned to, support hardware drivers designed
> for Windows.
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