Java applications

James E. LaBarre jamesl at
Mon Jan 26 09:30:23 CST 2004

Michael Yartsev wrote:
> Why don't you run java apps from linux itself???!
> That's what Java is made for - so it can be cross plataform

So the *theory* goes.  In practice, not only does that not work on 
occasion, but I work with Java apps that have to carry along their *own 
JRE*!   Seriously ticks me off (and these are apps from the company I 
work for, even).

In fact, last week I was trying to install the Windows version of one of 
those apps, because the Linux installer is built for RH 7.x, and won't 
even *run* under a NTPL kernel, and copying the files from another 
system wouldn't work either.

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