Wine and Radeon 9800 SE (AIW)

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Mon Jan 26 15:32:27 CST 2004

Ender wrote:

>Unfortunatly, ATI's drivers are somewhat lacking in the DGA area. Try
>setting "UseDGA" to "N" in your wine .config's x11drv section. Should
>fix the problem easily :)
> - Ender

Ender, I don't know whether to use all this energy to thank you
profusely (thank you!!!!), or scream and tear my hear...  all this
massive horribleness centered on one lousy checkbox in winesetup...??!!
Of course, the very fact that I could fix such an alarmingly technical
problem --heck, I'm a just a computer nerd, not an electronics
engineer!--- with one simple settings change speaks extremely well of
Wine, and I appreciate that (a lot). Yet now I feel like I should have
somehow known this, since the solution was so simple. But how could I
have possibly known this, on the user level? Thank heaven you were around.

So yes, it worked... now I only have "normal" Wine problems (which I
will post about separately, of course). Hopefully I/we can get some or
all of those solved, too, and then I can submit data to the Apps
Database or something. At least this has reminded me how important it is
to somehow contribute to Wine user-level documentation. No user should
be scared out of their socks by something so easily fixable.

Thanks again; I really appreciate it.


>On Tue, 2004-01-27 at 00:13, motub at wrote:
>>Short version of a long story: I used to run Wine with moderate success
>>when I had a Matrox G400. Recently I upgraded to the above videocard. I
>>run 4 different distros, but the only one I've been able to get the ATI
>>drivers installed and working on is Mandrake 9.2, so for the purposes of
>>this post, I use Mandrake 9.2.
>>Here's the thing. Linux binaries run fine and look great. If I try to
>>run Wine (so far I've tried 20031212,20040121 and WineX 3.2.1 from
>> ), however, my monitor immediately does
>>black and then to hardware standby (no signal). If I turn it back on,
>>the little light above the BNC (/D-SUB) blinks, and I have no picture of
>>any sort except a "widescreen" gray roiling nothingness. I cannot even
>>open another X server with CTR:-ALT-F1 or logout with CTRL-ALT-Backspace
>>(or if I can, I can't see it)-- I have to hard reset to get a monitor
>>signal again.
>>The program I'm using to test my Wine install is Double Deck Solitaire
>>95, which can be found at
>> (program # 578,
>> If anyone takes a look at this game, you'll see that it's
>>not a rendering monster of any sort (which is why I use it to test with,
>>aside from that I like it).
>>Now I should say-- I do get a picture back eventually. Like sometime
>>between 1.5 and 8 hours later. I don't know exactly how long, because I
>>get tired of checking and go to bed, and when I get up and turn the
>>monitor on and move the mouse, the desktop reappears-- with the game
>>running. I can play it, and it's fine. But obviously I'm not going to
>>try to run something more stressful for Wine under these circumstances.
>>So far I have done the following with no effect:
>>Tried different versions of Wine (and WineX) as above, but I have
>>versions going back to 20030907, so if anyone thinks an older version
>>(or compiling from source rather than using the MDK binaries) might not
>>show this  problem, please say;
>>Rolled the ATI drivers back from 3.7.0 to 3.2.8, which I had heard
>>people were able to use Wine with;
>>Changed various settings in the drivers using fglrxconfig, up to and
>>including turning off the "internal" AGPGART and using that of the
>>installed kernel. About all that I haven't done is changed from 24bit to
>>16bit, or changed from firegl "wine compatibility mode" to "default" or
>>"fast" (since this isn't a FireGL board, that setting is supposed to be
>>ignored anyway).
>>Transgaming has reported "some" problems with "the latest" ATI drivers
>>(they didn't really specify much), but I did not expect the problem to
>>be so severe, or to occur under regular Wine as well, or to occur with
>>the old drivers.
>>Is this a problem that can be hacked, patched or troubleshot? Is there
>>something I can do to get Wine working? Or do I have to wait for ATI
>>and/or Wine-devel and/or Transgaming to work out a solution?
>>Thanks for any help or further information.
>>Holly Bostick

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