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Ed Leafe ed at
Tue Jan 27 07:44:40 CST 2004

On Jan 27, 2004, at 7:14 AM, roger2 wrote:

>> Roger, in future, please reply to the list (and cc me if you want). 
>> All
>> replies to list messages should appear on the list to help those who 
>> may
>> be having the same problem.
> Thought I had ;-)
> Normally hitting reply does the trick.
> Maybe the machine I used for that reply behaves differently I will 
> check.
> I don't wnat to upset anyone bacause I'm going to be needing help 
> before long.

	It's not your fault. It's the fault of the list admins.

	Mailing list software can be set so that the Reply-to: header is set 
to the list address, so that clicking 'Reply', as you and just about 
everyone else on Earth would do, sends the message back to the list. 
But there is a group of people who feel that doing so violates some 
sacred tenet of the internet, and the result is a mailing list where 
replies go to the individual, unless the sender remembers to treat this 
email differently than all his/her other email.

	There are arguments for both the "don't change the Reply-to:" school ( ) and the "point the 
Reply-to: to the list" school ( ). But as a software 
designer, these arguments are not persuasive. The default behavior for 
any system should be the action that is most likely to be carried out. 
For a mailing list, whose goal is the sharing of information, that 
behavior is to reply to the list.

	I host several popular lists, and subscribe to over a dozen others. I 
have never seen anyone complain about how a reply is sent on lists for 
which Reply-to: is set to the list, whereas this matter has come up on 
every single list that doesn't set Reply-to: to the list.

  Ed Leafe

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