DirectSound, DeusEx and Wine

Duane Clark dclark at
Tue Jan 27 10:53:36 CST 2004

motub at wrote:
> ...
> I went pre-shopping for sound cards, but the only cheap ones I see are
> C-Media 8237 cards. So I went looking to see if *those* are better
> supported under Linux, and in my surfing I found someone doing a cat
> /proc/pci and discovering an IRQ conflict with their sound card. So I
> did one-- and my sound card and my video card are on the same IRQ (11).
> !!!
> Could this be the problem? And how do I change the IRQ of an AGP card
> and an onboard sound card? Obviously the usual strategy of physically
> moving the cards to different slots is not an option here.

In theory, IRQ sharing is fine on PCI/AGP busses. But there are some 
caveats to that. One is that the drivers must be written correctly, but 
these days it would be rare to find a driver that breaks sharing (it was 
more of a problem when PCI was new). Another is when one of the devices 
is generating a large number of interrupts, which can lead to some 
inefficiencies, especially if it is the "second" device on the 
interrupt. But that only manifests itself in somewhat reduced performance.

In PCI, sharing is the rule rather than the exception. I would be 
surprised if you could find any X86 system that is not sharing interrupts.

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