Browse boxes to change install directory halt Wine

Ivan Leo Murray-Smith puoti at
Tue Jan 27 15:37:55 CST 2004

> err:dosfs:DRIVE_GetLabel Invalid or unreadable superblock on
> /dev/floppy/0 (A:).Invalid or unreadable superblock on /dev/floppy/0
> (A:). Maybe not FAT?
This is because all drives are always mounted under mandrake, not a problem,
you'll get this if a program tries to access the floppy drive and no disk is
inserted, in any case it's harmless.

> fixme:shell:ShellView_OnNotify -- 0x4adaae30 WM_COMMAND ffffff98 unhandled
Now this may be the problem, if you've got a windows license, try using a native
copy of shell and shell32, also follow the instructions at
and open a bug report if necessary.

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