Running Outlook 97

Ivan Leo Murray-Smith puoti at
Tue Jan 27 16:06:43 CST 2004

> This Outlook version is in Spanish, does it matter?
No, at least it's very improbable
> Any ideas?
If you can't get this to work using mixed native/builtin dlls, and if everything
else listed at fails, I think you should open a
bug report on
If you open a bug report, it's a good idea to tell the wine-devel mailing list,
you have better chances of getting a developer to look into it, as quite a few
developers like the idea of office working smoothly.
If you open a bug report, provide all the information you can on which version
of wine you're using, you're system specs (Kernel, glibc, distro name and
version, wine release), and the complete log with the backtrace (Don't cut
anything, if it's quite long just copy it to a text file and add it to the bug
report as an attachment).


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