Browse boxes to change install directory halt Wine

motub at motub at
Tue Jan 27 16:44:45 CST 2004

Ivan Leo Murray-Smith wrote:

>>err:dosfs:DRIVE_GetLabel Invalid or unreadable superblock on
>>/dev/floppy/0 (A:).Invalid or unreadable superblock on /dev/floppy/0
>>(A:). Maybe not FAT?
>This is because all drives are always mounted under mandrake, not a
>you'll get this if a program tries to access the floppy drive and no
disk is
>inserted, in any case it's harmless.
>>fixme:shell:ShellView_OnNotify -- 0x4adaae30 WM_COMMAND ffffff98 unhandled
>Now this may be the problem, if you've got a windows license, try using
a native
>copy of shell and shell32, also follow the instructions at
>and open a bug report if necessary.

It turns out that I was only partially right about this error-- it does
exist, but for different reasons than what I thought.

In the course of trying this suggestion and trying again to install
Half-Life, I discovered that what actually happens is:

When I click the "Browse" button *2 child windows open, one on top of
the other.*

The one that I could see was the usual (but in this case, blank) browse
tree, and the other is a Save dialog. I can in fact browse through this
Save dialog. Since there is nothing to "save", however, it doesn't
actually solve the problem as a whole, given that I cannot select "Save"
to choose the directory I'm aiming at (not a big surprise, it doesn't
usually work in Windows either when such a thing happens).

However, the reason that I couldn't close the setup was because there
was an open dialog that I didn't know was there. If I close the save
dialog, I can then cancel out of setup normally.

I did change shell32.dll and shell.dll to native; Setup wouldn't even
start with shell32 as native, but would with only shell.dll as native.
Seemed to be unchanged insofar as Setup was already running fine, and
probably would have completed without problems if I would just stop
being stubborn and install to the default directory :-).

So is this phantom Save dialog worthy of a bug report, or is there
something else I should try? I didn't take a log from this last attempt,
but that's easy enough if it's needed.


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