Goldmine DDE to Linux Wordprocessor

Ken Cobler kcobler at
Thu Jan 29 08:53:24 CST 2004


Newbie to wine.

I have built a wine binary from source (wine-20031212).  I have been 
able to get Goldmine 5.0 running well with this version of wine. 
Goldmine has the ability to perform a DDE interface to format some 
information and launch a word processor.  Essentially, to fill in some 
macro pieces before opening a template.  I can get the interface to work 
with Writer (both Goldmine and OOo running on Windows).

Is there a way, someone could recommend, to allow me to use this DDE 
interface to launch OOo for Linux when running Goldmine using wine ? 
The goal is to be free of Microsoft Windows.  Unfortunately, Goldmine is 
only available in Windows executable format.  Goldmine is considered a 
must have program (the users won't accept an alternative).

I was real excited when I was able to get Goldmine to work great using 
wine.  The only piece missing is the ability to click a button in 
Goldmine to launch OOo to format a template document for sending to a 
fax or printer.  I would prefer to launch the native OOo for Linux 
rather than running OOo for Windows using wine.

Any suggestions? Or am I out of luck ?

Ken Cobler

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