[Wine]Diablo 2 "No start menu found"

John Nielsen knoglen at tele2.fr
Mon Jul 19 01:29:39 CDT 2004

> On Sat, 17 Jul 2004 11:33:56 +0200, John Nielsen wrote:
>> I have installed Diablo2 in the past with older versions of wine, but a
>> lot of things have changed in wine since I last tried it. The whole
>> dosdevice symlink thing is new. The wine command allso segfaults every
>> time i use it, but i can make things work with wine-pthread. Why is that?
> You are using a kernel with vDSOs enabled and are not using the latest
> release of Wine, which fixes that crash.

??? I am allready using the latest release of wine. The version i have
installed is version 20040615. It is the same release that is listed on the
winehq frontpage. Do you mean its fixed in CVS?

>> I looked on google and found several mentions of this same problem. The
>> fix is supposedly to add an entry in regedit. I have tried to do this,
>> but it didnt solve my problem.
> What happens if you run "mkdir ~/.wine/drive_c/windows/Start\ Menu" ?

Im afraid it didnt work.

knoglen:~$ mkdir ~/.wine/drive_c/windows/Start\ Menu
mkdir: cannot create directory `/home/knoglen/.wine/drive_c/windows/Start
Menu': File exists



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