Alex Zeiger zeiger at nospam.snowbird.net
Sat Jul 24 16:00:13 CDT 2004

Ryan Underwood wrote:

> On Sat, Jul 24, 2004 at 12:21:30AM -0400, Alex Zeiger wrote:
>>I bought a pc-based usb oscilloscope a while ago, and unfortunately the 
>>drivers and software are windows-only. This is one of the few 
>>applications that I still need windows for. Is there any chance of 
>>getting the software to run under Wine?
> Well, what's the hardware and where is the software?

Sorry. It's www.usb-instruments.com (specifically 

I once emailed them about a Linux port. They said they were open to the 
possibility, but no immediate plans were in the works. They do make a 
point of publishing the software interfaces for their products. A DLL 
for the scope's interface is available 
(http://www.usb-instruments.com/interfacing.html). The user-end software 
is also freely available for download from their site. Would that be 
adequate for Wine?

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