wine app cannot open 'c' drive ??

Duane Clark dclark at
Wed Jun 2 11:37:40 CDT 2004

Dan Sawyer wrote:
> Yes, it is a real Win partition. Other wine apps can read it without an 
> issue.

Yes, but my question was whether other apps can *write* it. It may be 
that MSWord is trying to open a file with write permission, and that is 

> Is there a howto on building a fake partition. The last time I tried it 
> failed miserably so I have stuck with the real partition.

Are you using Wine binaries or source? There is a tool winesetuptk 
available way down on

I have not used it; check various posts by Ivan, since he knows a lot 
better than me how to use it.

If you are using Wine source, the tools/wineinstall in the source tree 
will create the fake partition.

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