confused over wine doc??

Duane Clark dclark at
Wed Jun 2 17:37:51 CDT 2004

Dan Sawyer wrote:
> Duane,
> That would be my hope, however my observation is that wine may somehow 
> change things such that Win things the registry in corrupted. If I 
> create a new .wine dir and start fresh and then 'boot' the win parition, 
> win things the registry has been corrupted. I hope this is just 
> coincidence.
> This occured twice. I somwhow fowled up the dll overrides and apps did 
> not run correctly. In order to check out the apps I booted the win 
> partition. Each time it complained about a corrupted registry.

Well, yet another reason to use a "fake" windows directory ;) Wine is 
alpha software.

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