winword on win2k and ntfs ??

dodol garut debian_me at
Fri Jun 4 00:28:19 CDT 2004

--- Jan Van Belle <Jan.Van_Belle at> wrote:
>         Hello all,
> I try to start up a word session (or, in general:
> some M$ Office program).
> My profile is under C:\Documents and
> Settings\(username) , so I added that
> one as "Profile"
> However, wine tries to write under the WINNT
> directory. This is not possible
> because I use WIN2K is installed on an NTFS
> partition.
> Can someone help me further on this one?? (I created
> my config file with
> winesetuptk v0.73)
> Kind regards,
> Jan

well...i think you should install MS Office on your
fake_windows directory ( maybe you need to install
DCOM98.exe first --- if you don't have any, googled
for it or try in ).
- wine DCOM98/install.exe
- wine OFFICE2000/setup.exe
Launch it by:
- wine yourfake_windowsdir/Program\

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