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Fri Jun 4 12:51:25 CDT 2004

On June 4, 2004 09:49 am, Mark Knecht wrote:
> Hi,
>     I'm confused. Do the instructions for a CVS checkout on the WineHQ
> page give me CVS on a daily basis, or do they give me something more
> like the last official major release of Wine?

Neither or both.  Using CVS you can get ANY version, including the one that 
contains the additions made ten minutes ago.
By default what you get is the current state of the code, which can change at 
any time.

>     I'm not in sync with another user of Wine. A program compiles for
> him and doesn't compile for me. We've determined that the file
> /usr/local/include/wine/library.h between our installtions declares
> wine_init differently. He asked me to get Wine-20040505, but I thought I
> already had that:
> mark at flash mark $ wine --version
> Wine 20040505

If you get from cvs (without specifying a version) and do a "wine --version" 
it will basically be telling you "the last version".  Basically what you have 
is something between the last version and teh next version (which doesn't 
exist yet).

> mark at flash mark $
> I'm confused. Do I have Wine 20040505? I used:
> mark at flash mark $  export CVSROOT=:pserver:cvs at
> mark at flash mark $ cvs login
> cvs
> mark at flash mark $  cvs -z 0 checkout wine
> mark at flash mark $ cd wine/
> mark at flash mark $ tools/wineinstall
> If I don't actually have EXACTLY Wine 20040505, then how do I check that
> out?

A couple of choices.
If you actually want the source code of a particular version you can simply 
download a "tarball" of that version.  (Follow the links at> 

Alternatively you can get a particular release from the CVS as follows:

(make sure you move the wine directory out of the way to avoid getting 
confused versions; CVS can be a little bit of a pain)

mv wine wine.mybackup
cvs checkout -r Wine-20040505 wine

(Change the 20040505 for other versions)

For more information about CVS you might try dowloading the "Cederqvist" 
manual from

> Thanks,
> Mark
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