Segmentation fault!!

Martin Widmark martin at
Thu Jun 10 04:27:07 CDT 2004

Kovacs Alpar skrev:

> I'm trying to use wine, and I downloaded the recent rpm packages for my
> FedoraCore, I installed it, but wen I want to run any wine binary it fail
> with 'segmentation fault' error message
> I also tryed winelauncher, and it sad
> 'wine has exited with a failure status of 139'

Fedora verision? Wine version?

The segfault I've had under fedore core 1 have been memory related.
Make sure there is at least 512 MB of memory, i.e. use a swapfile.

This was due to the exec-shield workaround that sufaced in a release
around new year something.

/Martin Widmark

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