Wine startup: Need "pid" files!

Stephen Mollett molletts at
Thu Jun 10 16:43:07 CDT 2004


On Thursday 10 June 2004 11:43, Mike Hearn wrote:
>> Starting wine runs is very slow...
> Most of the time slow Wine startup is caused by things like the overhead
> of parsing the registry, initializing the process environment etc. Win32
> PE fixup is actually quite fast.

I've sometimes thought about this issue in the past - you're doing a lot of 
things that Windows does during its boot process when you load an 

Is there a way (or would it be a handy feature for there to be a way) to 
"preload" this, like running a wineserver process (if that's what handles a 
lot of the overhead) as a kind of daemon at login or something?

Just my €0.02's worth :)


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