wine is6 problems

Swapnil Nagle swapsn at
Fri Jun 11 01:54:31 CDT 2004

Hi all,

I am trying to install an application which uses Install Shield 6 under 
wine (wine-20040505, built from source).
I copied over stdole32.tlb from  windows installation. There are no 
other native DLLs apart from this.

But the setup crashes. I have enclosed the backtrace.

Googling led me to many threads with similar problems. Various options I 
tried were :
- Using native oleaut32.dll (This causes some kind of unimplemented 
function error in rpccrt4.dll error )
- Using native ole32.dll ( Gives a page fault on read access error)

Any pointers would be most welcome.


=>0 0x4034c7ac (INSTR_EmulateInstruction+0x84(rec=0x4182eb00, 
context=0x4182e834) [instr.c:449] in KERNEL32.DLL) (ebp=4182e744)
  1 0x40382973 (vectored_handler+0x53(ptrs=0x4182e778) [wowthunk.c:353] 
in KERNEL32.DLL) (ebp=4182e760)
  2 0x400927d2 (call_vectored_handlers+0x52(rec=0x4182eb00, 
context=0x4182e834) [exception.c:195] in NTDLL.DLL) (ebp=4182e78c)
  3 0x40092956 (EXC_RtlRaiseException+0x9a(rec=0x4182eb00, 
context=0x4182e834) [exception.c:250] in NTDLL.DLL) (ebp=4182e804)
  4 0x400a9e47 (raise_segv_exception+0x2f(rec=0x4182eb00, 
context=0x4182e834) [signal_i386.c:853] in NTDLL.DLL) (ebp=4182e820)
  5 0x400b1d7c (__wine_call_from_32_restore_regs [relay32.s] in 
NTDLL.DLL) (ebp=4182ebe4)
  6 0x40b8957e (.L295+0x93 [tmarshal.c] in OLEAUT32.DLL) (ebp=4182ec30)
  7 0x40b8933d (.L277+0x45 [tmarshal.c] in OLEAUT32.DLL) (ebp=4182ec8c)
  8 0x40b8933d (.L277+0x45 [tmarshal.c] in OLEAUT32.DLL) (ebp=4182ece8)
  9 0x40b8bb7a (TMStubImpl_Invoke+0x442(iface=0x40293600, 
xmsg=0x4182edcc, rpcchanbuf=0x0) [tmarshal.c:1638] in OLEAUT32.DLL) 
  10 0x40a68f8f (_invoke_onereq+0x8b(req=0x40251788) [rpc.c:300] in 
OLE32.DLL) (ebp=4182ee08)
  11 0x40a69b1a (_StubReaderThread+0x72(param=0x40261e50) [rpc.c:648] in 
OLE32.DLL) (ebp=4182ee24)
  12 0x4037805b (THREAD_Start+0xef(ptr=0x40261e98) [thread.c:107] in 
KERNEL32.DLL) (ebp=4182eef8)
  13 0x400acfd7 (start_thread+0x147(info=0x40251788) [thread.c:198] in 
NTDLL.DLL) (ebp=4182f734)
  14 0x400502b6 (start_thread+0x56 [pthread_create.c] in (ebp=4182f754)
  15 0x420de1b7 (clone+0x57 in (ebp=00000000)


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