Program Arguments Broken?

Rein Klazes rklazes at
Fri Jun 11 02:54:51 CDT 2004

On Thu, 10 Jun 2004 15:28:47 -0400 (EDT), you wrote:

> > - wine launches java.exe and passes it ALL the parameters;
> > - java.exe inspects the parameters, takes JetProxyServer, launches it
> > and passes it the -config parameter.
> I completely agree with you on how it should work.
> I don't think this is what is happening though.  I get an "Unrecognized
> option: -config" from java.exe instead of the config argument actually
> being passed into the JetProxyServer.  It appears that wine may somehow be
> reordering the command-line parameters.
> If I take wine out of the picture and call Java using the following
> command it works properly:
> java -cp $LOCALCLASSPATH com.jet.jdbc.server.JETProxyServer -config
> If I modify this and do
> java -cp $LOCALCLASSPATH -config com.jet.jdbc.server.JETProxyServer
> I get "Unrecognized option: -config"

Things would be nicely explained if LOCALCLASSPATH is not set, or if it
contains bad stuff like spaces. Did you check that? For instance try the
command line with "wine" replaced by "echo".

Rein Klazes
rklazes at

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