[OT] search for implementation of GetThreadTimes

Joris Huizer jorishuizer at planet.nl
Sun Jun 13 08:10:03 CDT 2004

Vincent Torri wrote:
> Hello,
> I would like to ask a question which is not related to wine, but i think
> that wine developpers could answer it, or maybe help me a bit.
> I am working on the linux port of a win32 program. This one uses two
> functions about win32 threads: 
> GetCurrentThread
> GetThreadTimes
> I have found in nt2unix an implementation of the first one. But not for
> the latter.
> I have seen that 2 years ago, GetThreadTimes have been implemented in
> wine/scheduler/, but the files of this directory have been removed.
> So, my questions are : have these functions been implemented in wine ? If
> yes, in which file ? If no, does someone know where i can find an
> implementation of GetThreadTimes ?
> Thank you very much !
> Vincent TORRI

I just did a quick search in the wine source (20040505) using,
   grep -r GetThreadTimes .
It came up with an interesting file, dlls/kernel/thread.c

I don't know how easy it'd be to use the wine implementation of 
GetThreadTimes but there is a function like this (around line 523)

  * GetThreadTimes [KERNEL32.@]  Obtains timing information.
  *    Success: TRUE
  *    Failure: FALSE
BOOL WINAPI GetThreadTimes(
     HANDLE thread,         /* [in]  Specifies the thread of interest */
     LPFILETIME creationtime, /* [out] When the thread was created */
     LPFILETIME exittime,     /* [out] When the thread was destroyed */
     LPFILETIME kerneltime,   /* [out] Time thread spent in kernel mode */
     LPFILETIME usertime)     /* [out] Time thread spent in user mode */



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