Playing sound files under Wine?

Robert Reif reif at
Sun Jun 13 13:26:28 CDT 2004

Ewan Grantham wrote:

>Well, tried commenting out and uncommenting out several different
>options (arts, oss, etc), and none of them seemed to help. I then
>tried rebuilding MPlayer, and then Wine thinking that perhaps Wine
>would then notice the Win32 codecs. Which it may have done since the
>generated config file now had a [dsound] section. But still couldn't
>seem to find any combination that would avoid the error.
Try the tests in wine/dlls/winmm/tests and wine/dlls/dsound/tests
and see if they find your sound card and actually play the test

For the wave devices, cd to wine/dlls/winmm/tests and try:


and it will list some info about your sound hardware and then
play a 5 second tone followed by about two minutes of one second
tones with a slight gap between them that will sound like a pop.

Do the same thing for the direct sound devices by changing to the
wine/dlls/dsound/tests directory and using:


You should get several minutes of one second tones with some
of them at different volumes and in different speakers.

These should test that wine is configured properly for your
hardware and os.

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