Corrupted file problem Wine20040613,20040505 with Xilinx XST 6.2i

Oliver Oli1417 at
Wed Jun 16 00:19:57 CDT 2004

On Tuesday 15 June 2004 12:21, Rein Klazes wrote:
> Your program specifies OPEN_ALWAYS as one of the flags for CreateFile. I
> am quite sure that does not truncate an existing file.
> You should look for other possibilities in the log. Perhaps:
> - it calls SetEndOfFile() or similar function to truncate the file;
> - It set the file pointer to the beginning and writes from there;
> - it deletes the file before opening it (so it will be created anew).
> and something goes wrong there.

... yes, it somehow assumes to be at the beginning of the file. I try to debug
more into it. BTW, I don't get source code displayed in winedbg when I call it
from the wine-wrapper script (I'm not calling it from the wine src-tree, but
from another dir). Is there a fast trick how to do that ?

> I do not know what debug message flags you used,
> WINEDEBUG=+relay,+file,+ntdll should be enough.
> Do use the latest wine, this is an area where lots of changes where made
> recently.

No success with latest wine. Cvs update from yesterday.

> If you want us to look at the log, open a bug report in
> and create an attachment from your (bzip2'ed) log.

I create a log with +file,+ntdll,+relay. But it going to be several gigs! 
Fortunately bzip2 gets it down to some megs. Runs damn slow now. 
I need to check this evening.

Cheers, Oliver

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