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Reginaldo - ER Tecnologia reginaldo at
Wed Jun 16 08:31:27 CDT 2004

Hi everyone,

I have a program that prints on a serial printer, however when i execute this program on wine and i try to open communication between my program and the serial printer, i receive this message:
"fixme:comm:SetupComm insize 4048 outsize 2024 unimplemented stub"

and nothing happens.
So i use WINEDEBUG variable to execute and i receive a complete debug message, as follows:
root at maquina1 TesteER# WINEDEBU=+comm wine teste-fiscal.exe
trace:comm:GetCommState handle 0x54, prt0x406ceef0
trace:comm:GetCommState OK
trace:comm:GetCommState bytesize 8 baudrate 9600 fParity 1 Parity 0 stopbits 1
trace:comm:GetCommState IXON ~IXOFF
trace:comm:GetCommState fOutxCtsFlow 1 fRtsControl 2
trace:comm:GetCommState fOutxDsrFlow 0 fDtrControl1
trace:comm:GetCommState CRTSCTS
trace:comm:SetCommState handle 0x54, prt0x406ceef0
trace:comm:SetCommState bytesize 8 baudrate 9600 fParity 1 Parity 0 
trace:comm:SetCommState IXON ~IXOFF
trace:comm:SetCommState fOutxCtsFlow 1 fRtsControl 2
trace:comm:SetCommState fOutxDsrFlow 0 fDtrControl1
trace:comm:SetCommState CRTSCTS
trace:comm:SetCommTimeouts (0x54,0x10019058)
fixme:comm:SetupComm insize 4048 outsize 2024 unimplemented stub
trace:comm:EscapeCommFunction handle 0x54, function=5
trace:comm:EscapeCommFunction SETDTR
Well, if someone knows how to fix this, please answer me.


Reginaldo L. Russinholi
ER Tecnologia
Maringá - Pr - Brasil
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