wine config problem

Martin Widmark martin.widmark at
Thu Jun 17 06:49:44 CDT 2004

harald meyer wrote:
> Hi, i have a problem you prolly have ran into before, but ive red everythig ive found
> about it, but it doesnt help me a bit.. ;/

Sure thang matey.

Wich version of wine are you using? As there is a dosedevices dir in your ~/.wine dir, I
would think you use wine 20040408 or later. In those versions the "drive" sections in
the config file are deprecated. The should be symlinks in the dosdevices dir instead.

My dosdevices dir looks like this:

martin at adira:~/.wine/dosdevices$ ls -l
total 0
a: -> /mnt/floppy
a:: -> /dev/fd0
c: -> /home/martin/.wine/c
d: -> /mnt/cdrom
d:: -> /dev/cdrom
e: -> /tmp
f: -> /home/martin
z: -> /

The symlinks represents the windows device and point to where the files are in the linux

In your setup you should have symlinks in your ~/.wine/dosdevices that looks like this:

c: -> /home/sinaen/.wine/c
e: -> /home/sinaen/.wine/e

(to mirror your old config file setup)
If you want labels, you need to put that into textfiles named ".windows_label" in the
root of each directory that the dosdevice symlinks points to.

Hope this helps!

Martin Widmark

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