wine and FileMaker

Mariusz mantonik at
Thu Jun 17 13:21:53 CDT 2004

I use Mandrake 10.
We use a FileMaker as server database. It is share using TCP/IP protocol.
On the beginig I use wine and FileMaker5, and everything was fine. FileMaker 
find a server and work OK. Now I used wine 20040505, and 20040615 and I have 
some problem with connection to the server. FileMaker start but when I tray 
connet to HOST it doesnt find any host. When I tray specifay it, it take 
forever, and it doesn't find any host. better looks like wine proces freaze. 
I have to use command KILL -9 ... to close FileMaker. 
How I can check TCP/IP connection under wine?

Thank you for help.

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