Corrupted file problem Wine20040613,20040505 with Xilinx XST 6.2i

Oliver Oli1417 at
Fri Jun 18 14:25:17 CDT 2004


I've put a good new trace of the problem on the bug report (2292) with +relay,
+file,+ntdll,+server and "RelayExclude" = 

File: "xst.debug.11.

The trace also contains *DEBUG MARK*s and comments. I think it in terms of a 
trace it's pretty complete now and should allow a first diagnosis. 

I'm curious what the real wine gourmands think! 

Nevertheless I don't understand exactly what going wrong ?!  
Especially the CreateFile and immediately DeleteFile I don't get. 
Indeed there are SetEndOfFiles-calls, but why is the previous content of 
the file then put all to zero ? 

Then, as a side remark, another info: I'm using a ext2 partition (since there 
is an ext2 driver for xp, why not ? ;) as file-exchange area between Linux 
and winxp.

When I let the testcase run on xp on the ext2 partition, the given file 
"xst/work/hdllib.ref" is not written completely. It contains only one byte, 
more precisely only the first letter (ascii 'A') of the good file. In 
addition windows warns me (well, who cares *g*) about data no being saved 
to the disc, but for another file ...   

When I run the testcase on the Ntfs partition it works and hdllib.ref is Ok. 

Perhaps the winxp ext2 driver is more sensible to nasty file operations
and the program not proper in this respect (file closing, flush, etc ?!).

Cheers, Oliver

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