K6-2 compatable package

James E. LaBarre jamesl at bestweb.net
Tue Jun 22 14:33:03 CDT 2004

Daniele Berti wrote:
> James E. LaBarre wrote:
>> So where would I find a Fedora Core 2 package of Wine 20040615 for an 
>> i386 architecture target?  The i686 version (for FC1, incidentally) 
>> doesn't work with my AMD K6-2 processor.
> http://newrpms.sunsite.dk/apt/redhat/en/i386/fc2/RPMS.newrpms/wine-0.20040505-1.rhfc2.nr.i386.rpm 
> I know it's not the release you want, but the last one will be built 
> soon....
> Cheers

Well, eventually an i386 build showed up on the regular download 
mirrors, & I tried that one (20040615 for FC1).  It was giving me 
segmentation faults the same way the i686 builds were.  So I tried your 
/wine-0.20040615-1.rhfc2.nr.i386.rpm build, and thus far it seems to be 

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