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Julian Hall wine at kaotic.co.uk
Thu Jun 24 15:09:56 CDT 2004

Hi Duane,

As I said in my last mail I am a newbie to Linux, although not to computers
having used abused etc for nigh on 20 years.  I personally would prefer to
have the Reply-To set to the list, as all the other mailing lists I
subscribe to are.  It seems, if you will pardon me, illogical to receive an
email from one source, only to click Reply and have it sent somewhere else.

If the individual concerned wants to send to the original person only, then
they can edit the Reply-To.  However I do feel that the majority of replies
will be of interest and/or relevance to the mailing list as a whole.  As a
newbie (and working in Technical Support) I abhore seeing a question asked,
and then nothing more other than "Thanks it works!".  My reaction to this is
"Thanks WHAT works??"

Please count this as one vote in favour of the change to the Reply-To.

Kind regards,


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Geoff Streeter wrote:
> What I do find offensive is the gratuitous adding of Re: RE: Ang: etc.
> TCP/IP has one bit that says that the packet is part of an already
> initiated conversation. That seems enough. I suspect that people are not
> editing the subject line when they reply.

I don't really think that people on a wine-users list should need to do
that. It is not really a big enough problem on this list to bother me.

> Another thing that does definitely annoy me is that some people's clocks
> seem to be set up strangely. Could the list fix the time as it
> re-transmits? I have to keep scrolling up through past, read, emails to
> find those that are as yet unread but off the top of the window.

At least Mozilla will sort by Order Received, rather than message time.

> The list could sensibly set the "reply to" address to be the list rather
> than the originating individual.

Hmm.. well start a poll in a separate thread. That change I would only
make after a poll, rather than before. Again, I see this list as being
for general users, and am inclined to let them determine the rules. I'll
have to admit I have forgotten the reason why the list is done that way.
I read the list via gmane, and it already sets the reply to the list, so
it makes no difference to me personally.

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