[Wine]Wine gamma change issue

Randall Walls slightcrazed at linuxquestions.net
Thu Jun 24 18:12:29 CDT 2004

Hello List,

I'm hoping someone else might have a solution for a particularly strange problem that I have been having. I am running wine 20040615, on a slackware 9.1 install running dropline gnome and the 2.6.6 kernel. Whenever I run a game that requires OpenGL, I often have to adjust the brightness of my monitor so that I can see what is on screen. It is an old monitor, and has seen better days. This was always just a mild inconvenience, as I would write the gamma change into a script to launch the app anyway. Recent versions of wine seem to be ignoring the current gamma (xgamma -gamma 4.6) and are running extrememly dark. Deus Ex is a good example. I can manually adjust the brightness to 4.6, start the application, and right before the full screen mode starts the gamma switches back to 1.0 and I can hardly see anything on the screen. No error messages pertaining to gamma settings are present. My assumption is that because the game has an internal brightness adjustor that somehow wine is feeding the game a gamma setting of 1.0, and then the game is using that as a base and adjusting up or down from 1.0, as opposed to adjusting up or down from 4.6, which it should be. Does this make any sense? Is there a setting or a line of code that I can tweak to get Wine to recognize the current gamma setting? Any ideas?

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