[Wine] Setting reply-to list

Matt Bailey mattb at rtccom.net
Fri Jun 25 23:42:02 CDT 2004

I haven't been following this very closely, suppose I might as well drop in my 
2c. :)

I'm on several lists......this and one other list are the *only* ones that 
don't include the [listname] and set reply-to the list, and frankly I never 
understood why. I've always viewed lists as sort of an e-mail forum, and 
replying to posts is in a sense like replying to forum posts. Dropping in the 
[listname] and also doing the reply-to thing help keep threads and the public 
forum style intact, IMO. I suspect the default-to-replying-to-sender tends to 
encourage back-channel chatter, and stifles public discussion. Whenever I 
post a reply to this group, invariably I end up doing some copying and 
pasting, as I want to make the message reply *only* to the list.

Also the [listname] would make it a cinch to filter messages to various 
folders (although I don't do this myself actually). I like to see the list 
name so I know immediately "where we are" so to speak.....without it, the 
message could be a personal e-mail, spam, or any other list that doesn't 
append the list name. Small gripe, sure.

	-Matt Bailey

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