[Wine]Re: I can't see any printer in wine

Duane Clark dclark at akamail.com
Sat Jun 26 13:50:49 CDT 2004

Klaus-Peter Schrage wrote:
> Now, with Fedora Core 2, cups-1.1.20-11.1, Wine 20040615, when opening 
> the print dialog in notepad or wordpad, all entries are blank, nada.

Are you compiling Wine? If you do, then you need to make sure that the 
cups-devel package is installed. If you install it, then to recompile 
Wine, first do a "make distclean", and recompile Wine from scratch.

> In system.reg I can see:
> [System\\CurrentControlSet\\Control\\Print\\Printers] 1085240331

I was more interested in the contents of the entire section; that is the 
lines following the header, but before the next header (headers being 
the part between the brackets[]).

But the first thing to do is to save a copy of the file, and then delete 
the header and it's contents. When Wine is run and you try to print, it 
should then recreate the correct registry entries from scratch.

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