[Wine]Printing from Wine revisited

Frank frank at snapafun.co.nz
Sun Jun 27 04:54:19 CDT 2004

Completely uninstalled wine and started over with wine-20040615 on MDK10 

Within notepad my two printers [ single printer with tp0 option installed ]
are seen with the Properties box when selecting File>Print.

Once again I am missing something. If yours work [ and particularly if 
it is a CANON BJC-3000 ] please send me a copy of your ~/.wine/config 
file for comparison.

$ notepad
fixme:commdlg:PRINTDLG_SetUpPrinterListComboW Can't find '(null)' in 
printer list so trying to find default
err:psdrv:PSDRV_FindPrinterInfo Error 2 getting PPD file name for 
printer 'CANON BJC-3000'
err:commdlg:PRINTDLG_ChangePrinterW DocumentProperties fails on L"CANON 
<..snip.. but basically the same for tp0..>

My psdrv section within ~/.wine/config should you feel it relavant.

"Canon BJC-3000" = "/usr/lib/wine/Canon-BJC-3000-bjc600.ppd"
;"Canon BJC-3000" = "/usr/share/turboprint/ppd/Canon_BJC3000.ppd"
"CANON BJC-3000" = "/usr/lib/wine/Canon-BJC-3000-bjc600.ppd"
;"CANON BJC-3000" = "/usr/share/turboprint/ppd/Canon_BJC3000.ppd"
"ppdfile" = "/usr/share/turboprint/ppd/Canon_BJC3000.ppd"
"ppdfile" = "/usr/lib/wine/Canon-BJC-3000-bjc600.ppd"
"ppdfile" = "/usr/lib/wine/Canon-BJC-3000-bjc6000a1.upp.ppd"
"tp0" = "/usr/share/turboprint/ppd/tp0.ppd"
"ppdfile" = "/usr/share/turboprint/ppd/tp0.ppd"
"ppdfile" = "/usr/share/turboprint/ppd/Canon-BJC-3000-bjc600.ppd"
"ppdfile" = "/etc/cups/ppd/Canon-BJC-3000-bjc600.ppd"
"ppdfile" = "/etc/cups/ppd/CanonBJC3000.ppd"
"ppdfile" = "/etc/cups/ppd/tp0.ppd"

The commented out lines were me trying different combo's.
All the above mentioned directories are genuine. ( Yeah, I have been 
having some fun to date - not! )


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