[Wine]Problem with Visual C++/Microsoft Jet based db app

Peteris Krisjanis peteris.krisjanis at lintech.lv
Sun Jun 27 12:58:41 CDT 2004

Hello everyone!
I have succesfully installed and launched one house managment program,
which is based on Microsoft Jet and uses Microsoft widgets and controls
(coded in Visual C++). However, I have ran in the several visual and
functional gliches, from which most anyoing one is in such style - in
sheet view (like in Access), when selecting a row, it refreshes it many
many times, sometimes creating something like a loop. In result, entire
app window freezes, except that control with that row which I selected.
It looks like it would regain control all the time - t.i. refreshing.
Sometimes it gives back control (haven't reproduced it enough clearly
yet), sometimes I have to killall -9.

Anyone has such similar glich,
have any idea in which direction I should look - let me know it,
Thanks in advance,
Peteris Krisjanis,
SIA "Lintech" support specialist

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