[Wine]wrong windows version?

harald meyer sinaen at hotbrev.com
Tue Jun 29 16:52:19 CDT 2004

Does anyone know what to do when the button with OK to press on pops up saying "Macromedia Director MX 2004 (or any other program) is not supported on this operating-system please refer to the release notes for supported operating system's"

ive tried install the vb RE and it still does that, sometimes, if i change the win-version, the program says that i got to have Administrator privilegies (like when win-version is winxp nt/2000/2k etc.. )

im running Wine 20040615 on an debian linux system, with an AMD-cpu.. (not 64-bits) and i have no windows installed. :)

and is the transgaming project's Cedega or acelereX something to rely on later on?

ps, i know ive posted somethig like this before, but i dunno if i had any reply, if so please dont nag at me d.s

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