Kovacs Alpar kovacs.alpar at ielco-gw.planet.ro
Wed Jun 30 01:46:31 CDT 2004

	Hi all,

 I use wine compiled from wine200405051fc1winehq.src.rpm and fedoracore1. I'm trie to have access to my floppy drive.
 I wrote the [device ] section in my config file, at the first time when I started, wine maked a link file "@a::" pointing to /dev/fd0,
 and sed I can remove the [device] section. So I did.
I have acces to the drive only when I mount it outside from wine. Because I'm not a linux-wine expert, please explane me what 
means these link file and what can I do with it.
I wonder, if I must mont my drive, it  would be posible to use it making a simple link to /mnt/flopy,

With regards 

Kovacs Alpar

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