Running Delphi application.

Fabian Cenedese Cenedese at
Wed Mar 3 09:14:34 CST 2004

>Some years ago I developed a Delphi application for my private use and now I want it to run on Linux using wine. The application uses Paradox database engine. I tried to install the engine itself but failed. Eventually I installed the whole Delphi development environment with wine. It certainly installed BDE but I can not run even the dbd32.exe (database desktop).
>Machine: RH9
>HW: HP omnibook 6000
>Wine version: 20031118

You should tell what happens, what errors or messages there are. "Can't
run", "doesn't work" is not that informative.

Is some window coming up? Are there just a few messages on the console
and the it quits? If so, please post these messages.

bye  Fabi

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