Sound Problems with Wine and ALSA

Rick Knight rick at
Wed Mar 3 12:55:11 CST 2004

I've been trying to fix this for a couple of weeks now without any luck. 
I'm hoping someone here can offer some help.
I Replaced my mainboard and CPU about a month ago. The new board has 
on-board sound as did my old mainboard, but the new board uses an 
Intel8x0 sound chip, the old board had a Yamaha YMFPCI chipset. Because 
of the difference in sound systems I needed to rebuild the ALSA drivers 
and decided to get the latest from ALSA. This also required a kernel 
upgrade, from 2.4.20 to 2.6.2. I built and installed the new kernel and 
the ALSA drivers, got sound working in linux and on my KDE desktop and 
then tried to get sound from Wine. No luck. I have ALSA configured with 
sequencer and oss support and everything seems to load properly, but I 
have no sound at all from Wine. I've just upgraded to ALSA-1.0.3 and 
Kernel 2.6.3 because of some fixes to the intel8x0 driver in ALSA, but 
still no sound.

I use Wine primarily for a couple of Windows games, Unreal (1) and 
Half-Life and before my hardware upgrade everything worked great, now I 
get no sound at all. no error message to help me locate the problem and 
Half-Life complains that the sound hardware is in use by another app but 
continues to load and play but in complete silence. I've tried using 
Arts support in wine but that only give music, now sound effects. I've 
also tried the ALSA support in Wine and that works better, but the sound 
effects lag the action by about a second. I'm not picky about how I get 
sound in Wine so almost any solution will work.

I know there is a way to get this to work because one day about a week 
and a half ago I actually did get sound from Wine with oss in Unreal. My 
son and I played Unreal for a couple of hours before turning things off 
for the night. Next day, no sound in Wine again!

Thanks in advance,
Rick Knight
(rick at

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