run authenticated over a NT domain aplications

Marco Rodriguez M. marco at
Wed Mar 3 13:57:52 CST 2004

Hi ,
i'm traying to run with wine a legacy aplication that needs to be run by
a loged in user under NT Domain. That aplication needs to be
authenticated on the server to access the SQL server. Looking on google
i've found a post about logonUser patch from Martin Wilks ( that
works with pam and winbind. Whi this patch was removed from the
Is there any other way to run aplications of those?
Are there some one who can help me to or have a tutorial or a HOWTO to
run this kind of aplications?
Or maybe i'ts imposible for now.... i hope not, this is very improtant
to completely migrate propietary aplication an legacy sistem to O.S.

Marco Rodriguez M.
U. Bio Bio Concepcion

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