Sound and Graphics problem

ian at ian at
Wed Mar 3 15:01:49 CST 2004

Hi All

Hope you can help.  I have an application (actually a kids educational 
software-runs off the CD) that runs in 256 colour.  I am using the following 
1. ATI Radean 9700 Pro with drivers direct from ATI using openGL  3D 
2. A santa cruz turtle beech sound card (crystal CSXX45))\;
3. Used with and without ALSA -no difference
4. Red Hat 9.0 2.4.20 Kernel
The problem I have is that the application works but then stutters and then 
continues or distorts the sound/graphics, making it overall unusable.

Tried with winex and the same.  Tried playing with config ddls etc but no 

Any help would be appreciated


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