Lotus Notes: Error Reading Metafile from Clipboard

Dan Urist durist at euler.cr.usgs.gov
Thu Mar 4 11:19:17 CST 2004

I'm running wine-20040213 on Fedora Core 1, and I'm getting the error 
"Error Reading Metafile from Clipboard" when I try to attach files to Lotus 
Notes email. I seem to be able to detach email, though, and otherwise Notes 
runs perfectly. I've tried this under both KDE 3.2 and XFCE, so I don't think 
it's a window-manager related problem, and I haven't found anything about 
this in the newsgroup archives.

Has anybody else seen this problem or know if there's a workaround?

Dan Urist
durist at euler.cr.usgs.gov

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