x11drv: cant open display

Frank Clements frankc at corp.ptd.net
Thu Mar 4 15:42:26 CST 2004

actually... let me elaborate on that.
anyone can correct me if I'm wrong.
if you aren't blocking anything on your local machine ( and the remote
allow all external through unfiltered ) you can simply do export
if you and/or the other machine are behind a firewall you should be able
to send your display over the ssh tunnel by:
in your /etc/ssh/sshd_config make sure you have
X11Forwarding yes
X11DisplayOffset 0  ( i think that will work )
am i wrong?  I haven't tried this... or have I ever sent my display over
ssh, just read about it....

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	Hi all,

	I am using SSH to login to my redhat box to run a windows app on
wine. Whenever I attempt to run this as a user I get the x11drv: cant
open display error. Spent a few days trying to sort this out. Pls help.
Thank you.


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