Lotus Notes: Error Reading Metafile from Clipboard

andreas.sumper at nimbus.at andreas.sumper at nimbus.at
Fri Mar 5 00:48:34 CST 2004

wine-users-admin at winehq.org wrote on 03/04/2004 06:19:17 PM:

> I'm running wine-20040213 on Fedora Core 1, and I'm getting the error 
> "Error Reading Metafile from Clipboard" when I try to attach files to 
> Notes email. I seem to be able to detach email, though, and otherwise 
> runs perfectly. I've tried this under both KDE 3.2 and XFCE, so I don't 
> it's a window-manager related problem, and I haven't found anything 
> this in the newsgroup archives.

Which version of Lotus Notes and wine do you use? I use wine-20031212 (i 
guess) and Lotus Notes 6.5.1 and attachments and all other stuff work 
fine. But when I type <DEL> I get a comma on the place where the deleted 
character has been. All other than that works very well!

Maybe you try these versions! 

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