x11drv: cant open display

Joachim von Thadden thadden at web.de
Fri Mar 5 06:21:21 CST 2004

Am Fre, Mär 05, 2004 at 12:06:20 +0000 schrieb Lim Wee Cheong:
> actually I am trying to run a socket program on the linux machine which I was
> trying to SSH to. I dun need the SSH display to show me the display. I only
> require it to run and listen on a specific port. I have tried logging on as a
> user and as root. Neither works. Any ideas? Thanks for helping

As I mentioned, this is not related to wine. Your error says that the
program wants to open a display to you and can't. You have to fix this
first. So:

- after you shh to the linux box try to open any application that uses a
  display (e.g. xterm); does this work? No! Make this to work first,
  then continue with wine!
- type (on the linux box) echo $DISPLAY to see where your display is
  forwarded to; it has to be something like :10.0 to be a forwarding
  over ssh; if it's not you have to enable forwarding of X11 via ssh

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