Regressions in CVS??

Brett I. Holcomb brettholcomb at
Fri Mar 5 21:57:58 CST 2004

My error - I had installed it under Winex with no problem as that 
handles dialog boxes correctly.  I finally got it to work with wine-cvs 
by typing in my desired install directory in the edit box and then going 
to the second dialog box, selecting the CD drive and a directory and 
selecting save.  Then it accepted my entry.

I guess Wine doesn't handle some of these dialog boxes very well then.

Brett I. Holcomb wrote:
> Tonight I decided to install Solider of Fortune using the wine-cvs of 
> two days ago.  The install starts nicely, even the Launcher they have. 
> However, when I want to change the install directory I get two boxes - 
> one is supposed to have a drop down list of drives so you can select the 
> drives and navigate to a directory.  The other box is a standard file 
> dialog that lets you select drives, browse the directories, create new 
> ones, etc.  However the first box which should be all I get has no 
> drivers listed.  If I change the name of the directory in the edit box 
> and hit OK nothing happens.  If I go to the second box I can browse the 
> drives.  However, even if I create the install directory hitting save 
> and cancel do nothing.  I can only kill the file dialog box by using the 
> X in the upper right corner.  However, that kills the first box and I 
> can't change the installation directory!
> I'm trying to remember but I thought this worked with the November or 
> December builds.  Any way to fix this?
> Thanks.
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