solaris x86 build fails

Duane Clark dclark at
Mon Mar 8 10:47:53 CST 2004

jritorto at wrote:
> Hi,
> 	I need wine-20040213 to compile and run on Solaris 9 x86.  I have
> gnu binutils 2.11 (as & ld installed as replacements in /usr/ccs/bin), gcc
> 2.95.3, gnu make 3.80.  ./configure ran successfully.  did a make depend 
> successfully.  ran make and it worked for quite a while but failed thusly:
> ...
> Are you sure that this software actually runs under Solaris as your 
> website claims?  There's no binary for it, though there are binaries for 
> several other Linux and unix systems there.

Periodically, someone comes along and fixes the things that have crept 
into Wine preventing compiling on Solaris X86. But there does not appear 
to me that anyone is currently maintaining the Solaris port. The best 
solution would be for you to be willing to fix and maintain that port.

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