wine & outlook express

Doug dthompson at
Mon Mar 8 11:25:10 CST 2004

Nerry Sharian wrote:

> Hi,
> I am new to wine ...but not to UNIX. I am trying to configure an 
> environment that will utilize both win and linux. One issue is to be 
> able to use Outlook Express on RH9 box. Or to be precise to use a mail 
> client without corrupting the Outlook Express Inbox directory.(contains 
> dbx files).  - I want to use the same Inbox from Linux and Win OS.
> When trying to install Outlook Express with the command /--debugmsg 
> +loaddll/  I get a list of dll's of Win OS ...with the instruction to 
> copy them into the system directory of wine - windows. (something like 
> ~/.wine/c/windows/system)
> my question:
> where from can I get these dll files? If it is from Windows OS 
> installation CD, then, what is the point ? - the idea is not to use MS 
> OS files.
> Thanks,
> Nerry

This isn't a direct answer to your questions, but if all else fails you might consider using Mozilla Thunderbird.  I recently set up TBird 0.5 to use one common set of address and mailbox files on both W98 and SuSE 9.0.  It is working well with 7 different email addresses on 4 different domains.

Good luck,

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